Web Design

Custom designed and built websites, for people who value the use of design to solve problems.

WordPress Design

I’ve been working with WordPress for over 9 years, and am very involved in the WordPress community.

App/UI Design

A fine line between function and form is needed to make everything feel right for users.


Scroll Hijacking, not sure of the point.

This post will likely come off a bit pretentious and I hope it doesn’t, but just a warning that it discusses current design trends and why a specific one makes little to no sense.

Scroll Hijacking, as it is commonly referred to by designers and developers is when you’re at a site, and you attempt to scroll and the site decides it knows better and hinders your scrolling to “prettify” your experience.
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Organizing WordCamp Buffalo 2013

I’m excited to announce that we will again be having a WordCamp Buffalo this year. Last years inaugural event went very well, albeit with a ton of help from everyone who volunteered, sponsored, spoke, and attended.

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