Isn't it too late to start a forum?

While some current Administrators and owners say that it’s “too late” to get into the world of forums, I don’t think it is any reason to stop people from starting a Forum at all.

There are plenty of forums out there that are “matured” and are behemoths creating tons of money for their owners as well as tons of new threads, posts, and registrations daily. Then there are the newer forums that don’t have quite the same strength in the search engines, pagerank or other positives that are some keys to success in the web world but have positives in their own right.

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Recently signed up for Text-Link-Ads

Well I am beginning my venture into possibly making advertising money through F-Body Online. I am not a fan of large banners (especially those damn annoying talking ones) and find most image banners to be pretty intrusive on the design and feel of a site. That is why I’ve decided to give Text-Link-Ads a try for a while. The site is nice and easy to understand with a very good FAQ. I had one small problem with my site not
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New Domain and Forum Purchased

Well, I didn’t expect it but a few days ago a friend and I were discussing our dismay with the choices for Oldsmobile Performance Forums that are out there, and we -sort of- jokingly said we should start one ourselves.

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Hello Readers and Fellow Bloggers

This blog will be used by me to record my regular (or irregular) duties as an owner and forum administrator, as well as hopefully a success story on Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) and other ways to help make your website grow, even if you aren’t as experienced as others out there.

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