Recently signed up for Text-Link-Ads

Well I am beginning my venture into possibly making advertising money through F-Body Online. I am not a fan of large banners (especially those damn annoying talking ones) and find most image banners to be pretty intrusive on the design and feel of a site. That is why I’ve decided to give Text-Link-Ads a try for a while. The site is nice and easy to understand with a very good FAQ. I had one small problem with my site not
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New Domain and Forum Purchased

Well, I didn’t expect it but a few days ago a friend and I were discussing our dismay with the choices for Oldsmobile Performance Forums that are out there, and we -sort of- jokingly said we should start one ourselves.

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Hello Readers and Fellow Bloggers

This blog will be used by me to record my regular (or irregular) duties as an owner and forum administrator, as well as hopefully a success story on Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) and other ways to help make your website grow, even if you aren’t as experienced as others out there.

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