Web Design

Custom designed and built websites, for people who value the use of design to solve problems.

WordPress Design

I’ve been working with WordPress for over 9 years, and am very involved in the WordPress community.

App/UI Design

A fine line between function and form is needed to make everything feel right for users.

The experience has been a fantastic one. I believe Andy's background and education gave him a wonderful sense of perspective and a creative approach to building our website that made it stellar compared to our competitors. It is without reservation that I recommend Staple Web Design.


Deleting WordPress Users, Carefully

This is a quick article, based on an incident that happened last week to a client of mine.

So you’re looking out for your website, and want to delete any old WordPress users from the site that no longer need access. This is a good thing, and you deserve a cookie. This type of thinking can save you headaches further down the road with security.

There is a small downside. Despite your best intentions, you can very easily cause a bigger headache than you anticipated.
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Typography & WordPress

I’m here to hopefully convince you that typography means something to the user experience, and will be felt by many visitors. Text is the most common element on a website. In this article I’ll explain what exactly typography is, why it matters, and how you can control the typography on your WordPress sites.

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Classic Automotive Typography

Most people I talk to regularly know I’m a bit of a typography nut. I’ve always had a soft spot for typography and custom lettering. This is my story about how I first started really paying attention to letterforms, and how it connects to classic automotive design. I have always been interested in everything relating […]

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