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Deleting WordPress Users, Carefully

This is a quick article, based on an incident that happened last week to a client of mine.

So you’re looking out for your website, and want to delete any old WordPress users from the site that no longer need access. This is a good thing, and you deserve a cookie. This type of thinking can save you headaches further down the road with security.

There is a small downside. Despite your best intentions, you can very easily cause a bigger headache than you anticipated.
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Typography & WordPress

I’m here to hopefully convince you that typography means something to the user experience, and will be felt by many visitors. Text is the most common element on a website. In this article I’ll explain what exactly typography is, why it matters, and how you can control the typography on your WordPress sites.
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Classic Automotive Typography

Most people I talk to regularly know I’m a bit of a typography nut. I’ve always had a soft spot for typography and custom lettering. This is my story about how I first started really paying attention to letterforms, and how it connects to classic automotive design.

I have always been interested in everything relating to art and design, but lettering and typography has a nice combination of the creative and mathematical elements that I really enjoy. It can also look pretty damn cool, and the latter is likely the real reason I pay attention to typography.

I do remember when I first really started paying attention to letters, and their placement within designs. It all started before I was ten. I grew up around classic cars, mostly Muscle Cars from the mid-1960’s to early-1970’s.
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So, about your Social Sharing Buttons…

Social Sharing Buttons, we’ve all seen them, in various stages of persistence. There are entire services dedicated to displaying them on your site. What I want to know, is if it’s worth the real-estate on screen.

I have some opinions, but before I jump on my soapbox I can share how often I’ve used these little buggers, and what I’ve heard in talking with others in the industry.

These social buttons have been around for years. I don’t think I have ever used one personally to share content. If I want to share content I’d much rather
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Scroll Hijacking, not sure of the point.

Scroll Hijacking, as it is commonly referred to by designers and developers is when you’re at a site, and you attempt to scroll and the site decides it knows better and hinders your scrolling to “prettify” your experience.
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Organizing WordCamp Buffalo 2013

I’m excited to announce that we will again be having a WordCamp Buffalo this year. Last years inaugural event went very well, albeit with a ton of help from everyone who volunteered, sponsored, spoke, and attended. September 14th, mark your calendars today.
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Design Can be Likened to a Wine Glass

I often talk to many people about design and the web. One of the more common criticisms I receive of the Web Design industry as a whole is that it isn’t a necessity. It should instead be an afterthought in a very large scheme of building a concept & of course content. I’ve always in one way or another, explained that design, when done correctly should be part of the plan for a project, and in no way hinder its value or substance.

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Apples with a side of Smug

Well folks, I’ve officially moved to the smug side of the computer world. I now run a Mac as my main machine. I’m going to be explaining why I made the switch from my old setup to the new OSX setup, but first I’d like to give a bit of a backstory.

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My Thoughts on Responsive Web Design

Most people outside of the Web Design & Development community probably have never heard of the term “responsive web design”, and almost surely don’t know what exactly it is. I’ve been keeping up with Responsive Web Design for a while now since first reading about it on A List Apart, and looking curiously at sites by the likes of Simon Collison & Ethan Marcotte.

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