Web Design and UX Services

Your website’s design is more than just the colors and graphics oriented a certain way on the screen. It is the bridge that connects the information and value that you give to your visitors and customers. Web Design needs to be a holistic approach to delight visitors with a high quality user experience. Staple Web Design is here to build that bridge and help you with your web presence.

Building digital solutions for well over 10 years has offered us a lot of great insight into what works with the web, and how you can make changes that offer added value for both you and your visitors.

The Web Design Process

Discovery and Research

Before doing any design work, we have to understand what the website should be accomplishing, and what problems we may need to solve to help make the project a success.

Define the Strategy

Build the recipe for success and lay out how we’ll go about getting the desired result.

Design and Iterate

With a rock solid understanding of the business needs, goals, and personality we begin to iterate on layout and design. Both aesthetics and information architecture.


Making the static turn dynamic. Building what we set out through design and iteration and making it as simple and powerful as possible.


Once the ‘paint’ has dried on a website, we like to make sure you’re happy, and your website is making your customers happy and more empowered.


Custom Web Design Services

Take a look at some of the Projects we’ve built.